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All our products developed throughout our history show our deep knowledge of telecommunication signalling. Signalling is a common standardized language between different network elements. A multiplicity of skills and experiences is obtained during the development of TDM / VoIP switching systems, signalling routers, IMS network nodes and many more. The development of our SW, including various protocol stacks for real-time operation, enables quick and easy adoption of specific customer requirements.


Signalling solutions offered by NVision Czech Republic ICT a.s.:


  • Oracle Communications (TEKELEC) EAGLE vSTP (A global leader in telco signalling)


Core functions:

  • Traditional – TDM signalling links (LSL, HSL)
  • SIP
  • ENUM
  • HTTP/2 router


Smart routing

  • Low-level message routing – MTP level
  • End-to-end message routing – SCCP level
  • Enhanced signalling routing by means of application protocol information (i.e. MAP operations for SMS)
  • Basic DIAMETER routing according to Originating/Destination-Realm/Host Application identification parameters  
  • Enhanced  DIAMETER routing by means of other AVPs that are applied as routing rules in choosing the desired peer table destination, i.e. Subscription-Id, Service-Context-Id


Other network functions

  • Signalling security screening and logging on various levels (SS7 & DIAMETER firewall)
  • Signalling accounting


Number portability (NP)

  • The ability to port a subscriber’s telephone number (mobile& fixed) to a different operator in the context of:
  • Customer acquisition from another operator
  • Customer churn to another operator


NP database is embedded into the STP

  • It utilizes direct routing (all calls queried), which is considered by experts to be the most error-resistant method


Voice Over IP


Over two decades NVision Czech Republic ICT a.s. deploys VoIP networks in various topologies. Over last years NVision helps customers with further optimizations of VoIP network such as migrations from soft switch based architecture to SBC based call routing. We are deploying SBCs for SIP across access networks (MSAN), core networks, IMS up to international SIP switch for carriers.NVision leadsPSTN migrations for various operators within Central & Eastern Europe region.. We have successfully completed projects where customers requested either full migration to VoIP or partial migration with the concurrent presence of TDM and VoIP infrastructure.


Service providers

NVision Czech Republic ICT a.s. is ready to provide case studies for the most preferred approaches to migration from legacy TDM networks to Voice over IP.


Class 4 networks

  • Softswitch-based solution
  • Progressive SIP core C4 solution


Class 5 networks

  • Softswitch-based solution
  • IMS based approach with MSANs
  • IMS based approach with VoBB


DIAMETER Signalling


NVision Czech Republic ICT a.s. provides a solution for centralized routing and management of DIAMETER signalling traffic.


The role of the DIAMETER protocol has evolved and changed. It’s no longer just an online charging protocol as it was used in legacy networks. In LTE and IMS networks, the DIAMETER is gradually replacing legacy signaling protocols. We are witnessing a massive increase in DIAMETER signalling traffic today. NVision Czech Republic ICT a.s. monitors and captures modern trends and is prepared to deploy a ready-to-use solution that meets current market requirements.


The solution is compliant with IETF, 3GPP, and GSMA specifications in terms of providing the following functionalities in a single unified solution:

  • DIAMETER Routing Agent (DRA)
  • DIAMETER Edge Agent (DEA)
  • Interworking Function (IWF)


Such unification allows for simpler network configuration and complexity, while integration costs are reduced.


Flexible system scalability enables the creation of customized solutions based on specific performance requirements.