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We have several testing teams routinely performing testing campaigns for our product releases. We release 3-5 product releases per year in Prague only.

Testing of products usually includes the following stages:

  • Test analysis – preparation of test cases based on product requirements
  • Module testing
  • Integration testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing

We have dedicated people doing each stage of testing. Each product release is accompanied with appropriate test documentation, which confirms the result of testing.

The whole system campaign usually takes a few months and requires hundreds of man-days depending on release complexity.

We are also participating in UAT (user acceptance tests), which usually takes several weeks and FTEs.


Migration support

NVision Czech Republic ICT a.s. has years of experience in migration from legacy to modern telecommunication systems. We have successfully migrated legacy BSS systems of different vendors during telco companies’ mergers and acquisitions as well as migrated legacy TDM systems into VoIP platforms. We are ready to provide support during migration projects from definition of actual status through preparation of migration project plan with necessary data format preparations and design migration tools as well as to deploy interim commercial SW, which helps to speed up the process.