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3D Digital Factory with real-time insights

You probably know your order intake, current stock, production target and raw material requirements. You might also be aware of the incidents that happened yesterday, but do you know what is happening in your factory right now? Do you know your current bottlenecks?

That’s where Elisa Smart Factory can help. It connects virtually any machine, device and enterprise system across functional silos and harnesses streams of machine data to provide a real-time image of what is happening. The real-time data is visualized in an easy-to-understand 3D Digital Factory view that provides full visibility into all stages of operations. You’ll get a comprehensive view of all your factory production processes and you can also drill down to machine-level details – all in one view. This empowers you and your employees to make better decisions.

Different views for different user roles

Different roles, different requirements. In a world flooded with data, it’s important to have a way to filter the information that is most vital to you and your organization so it can be easily and quickly accessed to support highly informed decision making.

That’s why Elisa Smart Factory provides different views for management, department managers and line operators, allowing every employee to work with data relevant to their respective tasks.

With a management view, you can quickly make sense of massive amounts of data and make fact-based decisions in real time. It allows managers to get a big picture view of the production against critical key metrics, identify opportunities and quickly see where improvements are needed. The department manager and line operator views provide an at-a-glance overview of all of the lines and machines on your shop floor. You get direct insights of all the work currently in progress and any bottlenecks you need to focus on without logging into multiple platforms or systems.

24/7 remote monitoring power

You can monitor your factory from anywhere and on any device. Elisa Smart Factory gives you the power to remotely monitor your factory production from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Managers and executives can derive key insights from past performance data, monitor how well targets are being met through live-updated KPI values and make better informed business-critical decisions—without even showing up to the factory.

Extend your smart factory beyond the four walls

Most of our customers start within their four walls to provide real-time visibility to the shop floor. As visibility gains are achieved internally, it is natural to start thinking more strategically, looking at where visibility tools can impact performance beyond the four walls. Extending Elisa Smart Factory into planning, production and logistics around the factory processes is the next step.

Since ERP systems contain information regarding inventory and customer demand, and MES control how to build it, combining data from the two systems helps increase operational efficiency and enables you to become more flexible and more responsive to customized and changing demands.