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Software Solutions section of NVision Czech Republic delivers its products and solutions to customers of all types and sizes, from market leading mobile operators and fixed-line call-by-call providers to utility and energy providers. The company’s solutions and services are used by Vodafone, MTS, the largest mobile operator in Russia and the CIS, and MGTS, one of largest local fixed-line providers in the world.

Successful implementations:

Belarus: MTS Belarus

Bosnia & Herzegovina: BH Telecom, Telecom Srpske, T3 Telecom

Congo: Warid Telecom

Czech Republic: Vodafone Czech Republic, ČEZnet, GTS Novera, O2

Germany: 01058 Telecom GmbH, 01077 Telecom GmbH, 01030 Telecom GmbH, 01029 Telecom GmbH, 11883 Telecom GmbH

India: MTS India

Russian Federation: Mobile Telesystems (MTS), Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS), COMSTAR UTS, Svyazinvest, Skylink, Stary Telecom, Centralny Telegraph, North-West Telecom (St. Petersburg region), Lensviaz (St. Petersburg region), Volga Telecom (Samara region), Samara Telecom, Volga Telecom (Udmurt Republic), Siberia Telecom (Novosibirsk), Siberia Telecom (Krasnoyarsk), Multiregional Transit Telecom, AMT

Slovakia: Slovanet, SWAN

Serbia: Telekom Srbija, mt:s

Turkmenistan: TM Cell

Uganda: Warid Telecom

Ukraine: MTS Ukraine

Uzbekistan: MTS Uzbekistan