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Basic information title

NVision Czech Republic has an intensive history dating from 1993 when the company was founded. The company was previously called STROM telecom and SITRONICS Telecom Solutions.


Main fields of NVision Czech Republic today are software development, provisioning of support and managed services offering to Telecom operators, as well as electronic production.

In the ICT business based in Prague we construct a computing and telecommunicating infrastructure, implement business management systems and business software, provide information security and conduct our own projects. All of this is intended to solve the main task, namely, to give our customers a competitive edge and help them to become leaders.


Our state-of-the-art production facilities in Votice, Czech Republic, which is managed by the NVision EMS Division offer manufacturing and associated services to external customers. Services offered include design, SMT production, testing, mechanical production, technological support and logistics as a one stop shop with complete production services for automotive, electronic industries, transportation industries and telco.


Ranked as the most growing exporting company of the Czech Republic in 2006 strongly focuses to export of the products and services as well as providing systems for financial institutions, governmental bodies, logistic companies, telecom operators and other industries, NVision Czech Republic is a market leader with an exceptionally strong presence in Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States, Central & South-east Europe, Middle East and Africa.