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In 2022, NVision celebrating 65 years of electronics manufacturing with excellence. The electronics manufacturing industry over the years has changed dramatically. The industry persists adapt to evolving demands and technology. NVision follows innovation with the expertise and skill to move at today’s business speed. That would certainly not be possible without the loyalty and support of our clients.

At NVision, the customer comes first. Whether it is communication platforms to make it easier to work with us or forming a new product introduction process that helps our customers get to market faster, we concentrate honestly on building the new manufacturing platform. Doing that every day, the customer is always our top priority.

Our story is connected to the development of electronics manufacturing and the electronics industry. From pioneering in the TESLA holding, the legacy has passed to a new generation and continues the significant tradition of innovation. Inseparable from our team is long-term, creative, talented, and educated employees. Their hard work will continue to drive us into the future.